Valtech Mobility is the software manufacturer for digital solutions for all aspects of connected vehicles.

With electric mobility and autonomous driving, connectivity has become a core component of the automobile. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that are intuitive to use, offer defined added value and are consistently thought out down to the last detail. Design and implementation come from a single source – from user interaction to vehicle integration.

Valtech Mobility: Joint Venture of Audi and Valtech

AUDI AG and Valtech GmbH have been working together in the area of connected cars since 2009. By establishing a joint venture in 2018 this successful partnership was intensified. Big data, e-mobility autonomous driving and connected platforms are the core subjects for which new products, services and business models are being developed.
Approx. 200 employees work at Valtech Mobility GmbH headquarters in Munich and other locations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Dresden, Ingolstadt and Braunschweig.


Since 1998 we have been supporting our partners in the development and introduction of innovative business and process models. Our portfolio encompasses more than 50 services in hundreds of different variants −in an ecosystem of several million connected vehicles in more than 60 markets. In addition to technical solutions, more and more consulting services are required, ranging from strategy consulting to operative business, roll-outs and legal matters. Here, the task is to harmonize business model, user experience and technical solutions and integrate them into the organization as an ecosystem.

With this premise, we have been conceptualizing and realizing innovative mobility solutions for OEMs, start-ups and mobility-as-a-service- providers for more than 20 years now.

Service portfolio:

  • business design, processes and integration
  • exploratory service design
  • UX / UI
  • platform development and integration
  • managed services
  • individual solutions
  • agile product development
  • roll-out

Product Thinking: from the idea to the series 

When evaluating and realizing new business models,  close collaboration with our customers is of crucial importance. This is accompanied by an early discussion with the customer when developing products, examining profitability and preparing decisions.  Here, it is important to continuously ensure customer satisfaction, use and further development; we simultaneously integrate new products into the organization and process landscape of the company.

Platform development and integration

Platform development and integration are among our core references. Valtech Mobility has been cooperating successfully with VW brands for ten years. Aside from the central platform that manages the last mile between vehicle and the Internet, more than fifty online services from the Audi connect program, CarNet (VW) and Porsche connect have been realized.

Our experience shows that in the context of mobility solutions, congruent and already established components are often being utilized. As a whole they create a building block system that offers our customers advantages in terms of time-to-market and profitability.

You will find the establishment and realization of the end2end portfolio management at center stage here, which – in addition to the customer features, the legal framework and security aspects – substantially impacts the capabilities of the device platform.

  • end2end process design
  • dynamic scalability
  • multi-market, band, device and modality
  • integration of legacy systems and processes
  • modular system concept
  • cloud-ready